Hello, Lacey: Introducing Our New Senior Project Manager

We searched long and hard for our next senior project manager. Lacey connected with us immediately and we’re excited to have her on board. Get to know Lacey in her own words below.


The Basics

Name: Lacey Mathews
Team: Consulting
Role: Senior Project Manager
Location: Steamboat Springs, CO
Favorite place to eat/drink/chill: I absolutely love food and have a tendency to binge eat until I can no longer fathom eating something for another five years. That is until it’s time to eat again, in which case, despite my gluttony, I’m sure I’m at ready for at least a few more bites. My current favorite spot is a restaurant here in Steamboat Springs called Mahogany Ridge; they’re a local craft brewery known for amazing home brewed beer and root beer, fabulous dippings sauces, and the best happy hour tapas you can find. Their plantains will seriously take you straight to your happy place.

How it all came to be:

I’m originally from Southern California but after a brief stint in Australia, I decided it was time to move on and plant roots somewhere totally new. Despite my original plan to stay in Sydney, I was convinced that someday I’d be glad to be closer to family so I pulled up stakes and moved to Colorado where I could finally enjoy a life with all four seasons, bigger mountains, and better snow.

Along the way I found myself solving business problems over and over by embracing process as a channel for creative success. In other words, I discovered a way to leverage my obsessive need for organization while surrounding myself with wonderful teams who have since become family (quite literally, I actually met my husband while working on a project about 10 years ago).

That being said, I’ve been in project management for the past 13 years, primarily in digital and software development, and have worked in a variety of organizational structures from start-ups to major Fortune 500 behemoths.

About four years ago I decided I needed a break from the corporate machine. We moved up to the small ski town of Steamboat Springs where I started teaching HR and project management online for Colorado Mountain College and Westwood University while continuing as a project manager on a consultative basis.

It’s been a wild ride and I’ve loved the adventure. However, about a year ago I realized that I desperately missed being a part of a team. After much soul-searching and job-board scouring I came across We Are Mammoth and absolutely loved who they were, what they do, and the kinds of people that they want to continue becoming. I couldn’t be happier with the choice and love the privilege of being a part of the WAMily!

When I’m not working, you can usually find me chasing my toddler, Levi. I also love curling up with a good book and our giant Bernese Mountain Dog, Luna, or wandering the mountains with my husband, Josh. Oh, and eating – amidst all of those, I’m usually either sneaking a snack or pondering my next beverage stop.