We're empowered, distributed, and ready for a challenge

About Us

We’re an organization of strategists, designers, and engineers all charged with the power to improve, learn, teach, and empower. We’ve been in this business since 2006 and, through thick and thin, we’ve come to the conclusion that our mission as a team is to improve the world with the work we do. Our work is software, and therefore, our impact can be global.

Our Core Values

  • Be a humble teacher
  • Be an inquisitive student
  • Be accountable
  • Bring craft and pride to your work each day
  • Seek to improve
  • Empower, and be empowered
  1. Michael Sanders

    Michael SandersFounder & Director of Operations/2006

  2. Craig Bryant

    Craig BryantFounder & Director of Products/2006

  3. Ka Wai Cheung

    Ka Wai CheungFounder & Director of Software/2006

  4. Tom Stanley

    Tom StanleySoftware Developer/2008

  5. Grant Black

    Grant BlackSoftware Developer/2011

  6. Jennifer Sisson

    Jennifer SissonSoftware Developer/2011

  7. Paul Kizior

    Paul KiziorSoftware Developer/2012

  8. Jeremy Kratz

    Jeremy Kratz Software Designer/Developer/2012

  9. Ameer Mansur

    Ameer MansurSystem Administrator/2012

  10. Scott Ladue

    Scott LadueProject Manager/2012

  11. Waylon Martinez

    Waylon MartinezSoftware Developer/2012

  12. Alana Martin

    Alana MartinOperations Assistant/2014

  13. Josh Yurich

    Josh YurichDirector of Client Development/2014

  14. Suzie Nieman

    Suzie NiemanTechnical Project Manager/2014

  15. Jason Banks

    Jason BanksDesign Director/2014

  16. Matt Robinson

    Matt RobinsonSoftware Developer/2014

  17. Chris Cowan

    Chris CowanSoftware Developer/2015

  18. Jim Cloudman

    Jim CloudmanSoftware Developer/2015

  19. Brian Mouton

    Brian MoutonSoftware Developer/2015

  20. Mike Dawson

    Mike DawsonProduct Designer/2015

  21. Jen Downs

    Jen DownsSoftware Developer/2015

  22. Tony Headrick

    Tony HeadrickProject Manager/2016

  23. Bryan Weaver

    Bryan WeaverJunior Product Support & Maintenance Engineer/2016

Where we work

We love Chicago, and it’s home to our headquarters, but we also love that we’re free to move around the country. Location is a state of mind, so we’ve embraced communication and independence, and encouraged our coworkers to take their jobs wherever they’re headed in life. As a result, we’ve become a team that boasts a healthy mix of mountains, metropolis, heat, surfing, cycling, and ideologically perfect ramen hunts.

We Are Mammoth locations

So Close, Yet So Far Away

Since 2006, we’ve strived to build a company that prioritizes team awareness over maverickism, practicality over technological whiz-bangs, and empowerment over bureaucracy. We’ve grown and shrunk, evolved and improved over the years, but one thing has stayed the same: our determination to be an excellent company to work with. That takes discipline.

Because we’re a remote team spread across 16 states, it’s incredibly important to make everything about working with We Are Mammoth efficient and valuable. Communication, uptime, and being inquisitive about the needs of others (clients, coworkers, etc.) are all ways we ensure we’re doing what it takes to be a great partner to employees and clients alike. We do what we can as employers to make everyone, regardless of geography, feel welcome and dialed in to our company’s mission. Likewise, we’ve put very practical coworker values in place to help our employees know what it takes to be an excellent team member that transcends our physical borders.

We’re a growing company armed with the mission of improving the world through the software we build with our clients. If you’re a designer, a tinkerer, an engineer, or a project manager looking to join a team spread across the U.S, please drop us a line.

Why You’d Want to Work Here

  • Work wherever you are
  • Up to 25 days annual paid time off
  • Medical, Dental, Vision insurance
  • Fully paid life, short/long term disability insurance
  • Employer-matched contributions to
    a retirement plan
Job Openings

Last Updated on May 25, 2016

Senior Digital Project Manager