The right people with the right tools.

Since 2006 we’ve proven that just a few smart people working with the right tools is all it takes to outperform larger organizations which are often more concerned with their pecking order than their productivity. Good workers want, need, and deserve responsibility for their work. We’re busy building applications for companies who know that an empowered team builds a more effective business.

Meet the team behind the name.

  1. Craig Bryant

    Craig BryantPartner, product designer/2006

  2. Flash Application Design Solutions (Apress, 2006)
  3. Ka Wai Cheung

    Ka Wai CheungPartner, director of software/2006

  4. Michael Sanders

    Michael SandersPartner, project manager/2006

  5. Clients: United Airlines, Ford, GM
  6. Tom Stanley

    Tom StanleySoftware developer/2008

  7. Grant Black

    Grant BlackSoftware developer/2011

  8. Cannes Lion Award, Starbucks, All you need is love
  9. Jennifer Sisson

    Jennifer SissonSoftware developer/2011

  10. Lindsay Sanders

    Lindsay SandersOperations manager/2011

  11. DoneDone 1.0 released public
  12. Paul Kizior

    Paul KiziorSoftware developer/2012

  13. Jeremy Kratz

    Jeremy KratzUI designer, software developer/2012

  14. Headquarters at 210 N. Morgan completed
  15. Ameer Mansur

    Ameer MansurSystem Administrator/2012

  16. Scott Ladue

    Scott LadueProject manager/2012

  17. Hermes Gold Award, b2c website
  18. Waylon Martinez

    Waylon MartinezSoftware developer/2012

  19. Michael Roth

    Michael RothSoftware developer/2012

  20. Work began on Kin
  21. Sarah Holden

    Sarah HoldenSoftware Developer/2013

  22. Alana MartinOffice Assistant/2014
  23. Mikah “lil mammoth” Martinez born
  24. Josh Yurich

    Josh YurichDirector of client development/2014

  25. Kevin KorpiDesign Director/2014
  26. Finley “mini mammoth” Black born
  27. Your Name Here

    Your Name HereDeveloper/2014?

Our mission as a workplace
feeds our mission as a business.

Our mission as a workplace is to be just as productive as the folks who work here everyday building software. Indeed, building an efficient company requires just as much design, craft, and focus as building a high-availability software system. Effective project management, sharp IT support, a healthy fridge, comprehensive benefits, and helping folks be proactive team members are just a few ways we express our view that the gateway to a successful business is an efficient workplace.

Our mission as a business is to build web apps and services which help other companies be better places to work at too. Every company should work smarter, hire better, and organize quicker. Our applications and consulting services show them how.