It Takes One to Know One

Companies We’ve Built

Kin and DoneDone started as needs we had as a small company trying to compete in the very dog-eat-dog world of software. We decided to build both products into fully-fledged businesses because we knew that, if they helped us, there were a lot of other organizations that could put them to good use too. Along the way, we’ve picked up all sorts of knowledge and experiences from building these companies that’ve been put into play for our clients at We Are Mammoth. They’ve improved our workplaces, those of thousands of other organizations, and they’ve shaped the way we help our clients too.

Better Testing Means Better Software and Happier Clients

From planning, to coding, to testing, to customer support, DoneDone is the refreshingly simple issue tracker. No more spreadsheets, sticky notes, and emails about web and software projects. Just one uncomplicated, central hub.

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Better Operations Lead to Happier Employees

Kin streamlines HR and people operations by managing new hire onboarding, employee data and files, time off, and employee reviews.

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Clients We’ve Helped

We work with organizations that have a crystal-clear mission, vision and understanding of how their business operates and positively impacts the world. We engage with only a small number of partners because of the dedication, rapport, and depth of knowledge needed to truly transform their missions with our work.

Connecting Patients with Caregivers

When employees are injured on the job, they need to find caregivers quickly, without a lot of red tape from employers or insurance companies.

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Improving the Work Lives of NY Teachers

Teaching is a hard job. Doing it in the country’s largest metropolitan region is even harder. We’re helping Little Bird improve the employee experience in the burgeoning charter school industry.

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Additional clients we’ve been privileged to work with.