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Hello world! Welcome to Sprout, a thinktank of ideas in Flash application development (and a few other technologies…). This blog will be a place where we can ramble on about our own overzealous ideas on taking Flash from that coy little animation tool it once was to a real application development environment. And, naturally, we’ll probably have a thing or two to talk about with Adobe Flex, AJAX, and other related technologies.

Sprout is run by the partners at Xoprecious, a full-service interactive development firm in Chicago. The partners? They’re the fine looking gentlemen that grace the upper-right side of this page.

It’s been asked of us what/who we are. What’s our niche? In the end, I’d like to think it’s really that we enjoy the process of design in all its forms. We enjoy thinking about UI design as much as we do thinking about great code. Design is ubiquitous. That’s probably why Craig and I ultimately found a home with Flash – a great medium that let’s us (Adobe) flex both muscles.

Our book, Flash Application Design Solutions: The Flash Usability Handbook, focuses on both of these design processes…designing UI that’s innovative, yet usable…and designing code that’s scalable and reusable.

More to come…