A bit more in-depth with Zen

I mentioned to a few of you at Flashbelt that this blog contains some more in-depth stuff about the methodology portion of Zen Flash application development. I wanted to rehash those posts here in case you’re searching.

This is a post on the idea of uncovering your data model from the user interface, and that there are really 3 kinds of UI.

A bit later, I realized that it was actually a bit simplistic to think of only 3 UI, so a bit on the 4th dimension. Spooky! I didn’t cover this in the session only because it’s a bit more involved and really would have taken away from the essence of the methodology.

Here’s the post on the concept of data morphing, but the information staying the same.

Finally, I wrote a very long time ago about the general concept of incorporating an agile framework with Flash development, and what that might feel like.

Would love to hear comments, suggestions, questions, disagreements, and the like!