Zen Flash presentation slides

Craig and I have finished the whirlwind speaking tour of the philosophy, methodology, and tool behind Xoprecious. First off, thanks to Dave Schroeder and Shawn Pucknell for organizing a couple great conferences in the midwest.

Secondly, if you didn’t have a chance to see our talk on Zen Flash application development or would like to see them slides once more, you can download it in all its glory here. Although, if you did not see the talk, parts of the slides won’t make any sense.

[Update 1: The ZIP now has a SWF file in it instead of an EXE. Thanks Jed. Apologies Mac users!]

[Update 2: Finally back home from Flashbelt. Met a ton of great people and many kind words from people that attended the talk. In fact, a lot of the feedback has definitely inspired me for potential future presentation topics. There’s a lot of blogging that lies ahead and I’ll get to that over the weekend at the very latest. ]