A great case for drag n’ drop: Fantasy sports applications.

After ESPN had so many issues with their fantasy baseball application this year that it forced them to basically restore a backup of their database, (and still, there were many issues after that) I’m guessing many fantasy football fans are going to move back to Yahoo! or Sportsline.com if they were contemplating leaving in the first place.

I’m pretty impressed with this year’s Yahoo! football application, as they’ve now put in some nice drag n’ drop functionality for maneuvering players on your roster. I’ve been waiting for this for years.

In the old days, you’d have to select from dropdown menus next to each player. You would have to make sure that a player on your starting roster was moved to BENCH in the dropdowns everytime you moved someone from your bench to the roster. It got a little difficult if you decided to do more than one change to your roster in one giant submit. And, if you made a misstep, you’d get an error message back like “Too many WRs on your staring roster.”

Drag n’ drop resolves all this nicely. When you drag a player, you can see exactly what positions he can and cannot fill on your starting roster.

When you drag a starting player (or, in the case below, a defensive team), a bench spot opens up, allowing you to drop him there.

This way, you never have an “illegal” roster like you did in the old days, and submitting rosters should always validate without problems. Me likey.