We Are Major League?

As Ka Wai, Anthony Cianamea, and I were watching the final sad moments of the Cubs /Cardinals game a week or so ago, we glanced a quick shot of two Cubs bullpen pitchers warming up.

They were casually stretching, spitting ‘stuff’, and tossing a couple of pitches. All the while, their non-pitching teammates were trying to scratch a win out of an otherwise disappointing game. They ultimately failed.

In typical Cub fan fashion, there was plenty of cursing by all in the bar at the ‘interpreted’ indifference of the bullpen and team as a whole. After all, these guys are pro ball players right? Is it actually possible that they’ve come this far to make the big leagues, sit in a bullpen fighting for a chance to pitch, only to not care a tad about how their team fairs?

This got me thinking a bit about how hard these guys work to keep their focus, performing in front of 40,000 baseball fans (St. Louis fans really) and not somehow suddenly forgetting how to throw a ball. Routine, habit, calm, confidence. That’s how.

I then thought about how similar some of our team dynamic is, and how sometimes from the outside, it may appear that we’re approaching our project/application without a care in the world.

As 37-Signals points out, if we’re not visibly sweating, pulling our hair out, or answering every beckon call of our client partner within 10 seconds, we’re obviously not doing a good job. Bloodshot eyes, thinning hair, long stares are the signs of genius right?

I’ve both been the victim (self imposed perhaps?) of this culture as well as suckered into thinking it’s the only way to sail. Alas, I’ve been pulled from the murkiness and shown the path – courtesy of a level-headed, professional group of teammates. Sure, there are late nights, but there’s not a whole lot of all nighters, nail biting, etc. that goes on, because these guys are positive that none of those emotions/actions help get that application out the door any faster.