Riapalooza Wrap + Unwrapping X2O

Last Saturday, I had the privilege to speak to a wide array of talent at Riapalooza. Unaccustomed to the role of “last speaker” (I’ve usually managed to snag an early time slot at these events), I was a fair-bit brain-fried after a full day of passionate technical discussion.

This was particularly exciting as it was the first time I was able to formally introduce WAM’s internal data-modeling platform, X2O. X2O is a web-based data-modeling platform that I’ve been working on since late 2006 that solves the tremendous heavy-lifting needed to build database-driven Flash/Flex applications.

X2O is a unique tool to rapidly develop apps without the usual pain of setup, configuration, and database/server-side programming. Essentially, it makes Actionscript development have the same feel as traditional server-side programming. We’ve had tremendous success with it over the last 18 months and it currently drives nearly all of our client applications.

There will be more to showcase, demo, and read about X2O in the coming months. We plan on making a formal launch later this year. The video of the talk will be up on this blog and elsewhere soon. Stay tuned!