I am the endlessly grumpy telecommunications customer. Last big woe, almost 2 years ago, was a $16,000 phone bill from Verizon Wireless and the infamous ‘courtesy call’ which delivered the news. Says me, “How much? How the $#*@ did I rack up that kinda bill and not get any kind of ‘courtesy call’ prior to that?”. Says the ‘courtesy caller’, “I’m not sure, sir. I’m just letting you know the balance on your account, and I don’t have any more information. You’ll have to call 1-800-XXXX to get more information.” Sweet.

This time around, it’s Comcast … two weeks deep in our residential contract (internet, cable, phone), we’re bombarded with endless cold calls. Now, I would’ve figured there’d be a little lapse in timing here, but no. They sold the number within two days. One particular bastard is “Bank of Hawaii” calling at 20 minute intervals with an automated message. All this after they told us the wrong phone number when signing up (which we gave to all family members, both domestic and foreign — sorry ‘old’ Comcast customer 338472 who got all those calls).

So, big ol’ score for Comcast. I’m payin’ $100 per month for this, how much are they getting?

By the way, when is someone gonna write about flex or flash again?