No more please. Really. No more.

It happens every day to millions of Americans. They receive an unsolicited email from some company where they’ve bought something online. They put up with it every day for a few months, not reading it, just deleting it. Then, one fine morning, they say “enough”. They scroll down to the bottom-most regions of that smoothly crafted piece of marketing, to the finest of fine print they can possibly read without a telescope and click “unsubscribe”. Then, presented with a browser pop up, most likely saying “Sorry to see you go, are you sure you wish to unsubscribe?”, they click ‘yes’. The next screen confirms they’ve been removed from the list. They’re elated. Back to business. They check emails a half an hour later, and what happens? This:

Now, what part of “unsubscribe” do these companies not understand? The customer just saw a screen confirming their wishes to not be disturbed, could they not have simply put this exact content in that screen? Must they continue the taunting with “you may continue to receive email from us, so please write to this email address with any problems”? My goodness.