X2O is change we can believe in.

X2O, our home grown, web-based data modeling platform for Flex applications is now live at www.x2oframework.com. It started out as an interesting thought, but after about two hard (yet fast) years developing it, we want the rest of the world to start using it. We hope it changes the way people think about developing Flex apps. Here’s a 4-minute video intro (a better quality version is available here).

Like any general programming framework, there’s a bit of a learning curve. But, compared to other frameworks, I think it’s a tremendously smooth and addictive learning process. The sheer volume of stuff X2O creates for you, like…

  • The underlying object-relational database
  • SQL queries for corresponding CRUD commands
  • Server code/architecture
  • SOAP services
  • AS3 value objects that map to the object-relational data model
  • Out-of-the-box services for emailing and file uploading
  • Secure CMS tool
  • Documentation via ASDocs
  • (and not to sound infomercially, but dozens of other goodies)

…is invaluable and more than worth the initial effort. We’ve come to take it for granted at WAM, to the point where having to do any custom server-side programming, XML parsing, or anything that isn’t just about programming pure client-side application functionality makes us cringe.

Knowing how to data model well is a key factor. But, we hope the documentation and videos on the X2O site are enough to get those that are interested on the right track.

Most of the frequent blogging about X2O will now move over to blog.x2oframework.com. We hope you sign up, read about it, enjoy it, and spread the word.