The Happy Bus: Making your job an art form

I’m convinced that people who love what they do for a living do so because they think of their work as an art form. Listen to any chef, doctor, architect, politician, maid, or programmer who likes talking about their work. You’ll find their passion lies deeply entrenched in the creativity of their craft.

I’m also convinced you can make any job an art form. Take, for instance, a Chicago bus driver who could so easily just…drive. Instead, he drives “The Happy Bus,” preaches, gives character and context to the same street he’s driven down year after year, and makes his passengers smile. He makes the daily route down Halsted street an event.

Find the art in your work, whatever that may be.

Side note: For those of you that live in Chicago, the video is a great look at how colorful and rich Maxwell street used to be. I wish I had a chance to visit it before it turned into this.