Office 2007, sadness + gladness

We’ve had Office 2007 for some time now, and I continue to be enveloped in a deep sadness every time I have to ‘discover’ where some old feature has been covertly tucked away in their ‘new’ layout and menu system. Seriously, it’s been over a year, and I still don’t understand why I’m inserting an image under ‘insert’, but not a ‘comment’ (have to go to review to do that). This multiplied by every other simple thing word is supposed to enable us to do quicker. But, with every dark cloud, a silver lining. Behold, something kinda intuitive and useful which helps me along my tortoise path:

To create a table, no more “er, well, let’s click this number-stepper for 3 rows, then, um, let’s see, four columns”. Nope, just a grid where you drag your mouse over the desired number of rows and columns. That’s it. Phew.

Update: Er, I meant 2007.