Shed a little light on Cloud Computing

The stream of banter around “cloud computing” seems unending. Every week brings some new release from some megalith company presenting some suite of ‘cloud computing’ services. So, what the hell does cloud computing actually mean? Nicholas Carr has a pretty good, not-scary overview and example of the subject.

So, how might this new wave help the mighty mammoths here on a practical level? As we move towards an official public release of X2O, there will be a need to move much of the storage (databases, visual assets, etc.) onto such a cloud, and possibly some of the more processor intensive duties of the X2O framework itself.

Even more so though, X2O embodies the same philosophy described in the article (now go read it!). The whole point of the technology is to allow developers to ‘get building’ — sideline the need for server set up and hosting, learning myriad programming languages, etc. and get down to the love (of building the app).

Might our ‘cloud’ running on a ‘cloud’ be the dawn of a new era of ultra-abstract computing concepts? Something ultra-cute, like Cloud-to-Cloud computing? Or, Cloudy-Cloud? Probably not. But just in case it is, ©!