A travel booking site which finally gets it?

I simply cannot count how many times I’ve been on the homepage of www.travelocity.com … during the same session. Sometimes I screw up the dates. Sometimes, I’ll decide on a different city or airport. Regardless, I have to cut bait and head back to the entry page to adjust my trip details. Take a look at most other travel sites, you’ll see the same.

It might be old news, but Hotels.com finally did a bit of research and realized this was a bit aggravating. Here’s their solution:

They’ve integrated a persistent dashboard with all relevant seach criteria to keep the user from ping ponging back and forth, just to change dates, etc. Also a nice to see, is the range filter component (for ratings, price, etc.) … something that has taken a while to become a staple interface element.

So, to further enhance the experience of this site, I’d like to see the integration of the property details into each of those result items. Right now, I click on a hotel, and the page breaks, and removes my dashboard and orientation:

Any reason why they can’t simply integrate this content into an accordion-style fold out right there in that result item? They’d need to re-work some of the real estate obviously. But, the user might not feel so stranded … that is, until they discover that tiny, green ‘back to results’ button in the upper left.