Hey, I got a new phone and a new office.

We just moved into a new office last week. It’s our fourth and, by far, most extravagant office yet. For those that are interested, here are the reasons we moved from our other offices:

  • Office 1: Our first official office was on the fifth floor of an old loft building. It was about 550 square feet and we had 3 full-timers + Colin Metcalf. It was dark, hot, smelly, and the floors angled toward the center. When we finally had enough client work and capital, we realized it was time to leave.

  • Office 2: We then moved downstairs to the first floor (1200 sq. ft.). We hired Mustafa and later Anthony. The six of us were cosy. Then, we hired Tom and Lindsay. There was a lot of shouting and phone conversations were difficult. Then, the pipes burst from the second floor womens’ bathroom, showering part of our office with…water. So, we left.

  • Office 3: We found a very large timber loft space in the West Loop (5500 sq ft). We spread out. We talked less and wore our headphones more. On top of this, our neighbors above us ran a gym and it was loud. Wind sprints and large weights do not belong in a 100+ year old loft space. So, we left.

  • Office 4: It’s beautiful, quiet, secluded, and spacious. Keep your fingers crossed, gentlemen.

I recently bought a new phone, the Motorola Motozine ZN5. It takes 5 megapixel pictures, which, I’m told, is pretty good for a phone. So, I decided to take some photos of part of the office and show them here. Enjoy.