Instead of more highways, how about call centers

Being exposed to ATT’s latest attempt to remove the archaic human from their ‘customer service’ process, I had a stroke of genius. What if our next president created new jobs by staffing all of these poor corporation’s (ATT, Verizon, and a thousand others) call centers with real, breathing creatures instead of repaving the roads. I get frustrated by the occasional pothole, don’t get me wrong. But not nearly as bitter and verbally violent as I do with the horrible voice recognition software these companies use. Just a #&*$ing idea.

One response to “Instead of more highways, how about call centers

  1. As a follow up, I got a new coffee maker for Christmas. It didn’t ‘start up’ the way it was supposed to. I called customer service and, of course, “the wait time is ten gazillion minutes”. But, a very nice feature their software had was automatic callback. I type in my phone number (though, couldn’t they have deduced that?) and when I’m next in queue, it phones me back.

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