Marketing 3.0? Bricks & Mortar vs. Microsite?

Much of the work I’ve done in the past 7 years has consisted of product showcases and specifications (, branded entertainment meant to spur product allegiance (, or flat out brochure-ware meant to add digital dimension to a brand (pick one).

Of course, meanwhile, there’s been a veritable revolution called “social networking” with the working title ‘web 2.0’. Now, we all try hard not to roll our eyes at these labels, knowing well that user generated content is as old as the modem itself. It’s only been the corporations who’ve recently decided to ‘enable’ their constituents to partake in content generation. Lovely.

Well, the Journal has an article defining something called Marketing 3.0. With the exception of not providing clarity of what 1.0 thru 2.9 were all about, it is a nice doctrine of the tectonic shift in perspective taking place with big marketers. Only history will tell whether their customer’s typing fingers are for sale.

Interesting quote — “the physical world has become the showroom for the virtual realm”, meaning that you’re not likely to get any other benefit out of the in-store experience than hands-on demonstrations. Having ‘felt’ the products in contention, the consumer now heads out of the store, back to the screen to click through on the site with the best price.

Now, tis no leap of logic to conclude that the next few years will see fewer ‘microsite-type’ online experiences by guys like us . But it is funny to think that those experiences are being replaced by real-life, old school, uh, go to the store and try it experiences. Damn bricks. Stubborn mortar!