The Silver Lining

Ka Wai and his shadow MammothWith today’s economic downturn affecting pretty much everyone everywhere, it’s created an atmosphere of fear, uncertainty, and a general sense of dread — much like those final, silent, slow motion moments before you realize that your car has been stolen… but it’s not the end of the world! Today’s stagnant economy offers opportunities that you may never have considered, just like losing your car (or any property) can lead to any number of positive outcomes (getting a new car, saving the money the insurance company gives you, riding your bicycle more, being outside, etc.).

Here at We Are Mammoth, we’re looking for ways to turn today’s economic zeitgeist (yes, I just wrote “economic zeitgeist”) into something positive. One of the main things that is changing here is how we answer the question “Should we build this, or buy it?” by deciding to buy products from vendors rather than spend our energies on building an ancillary tool.

By choosing to buy solutions to problems, we’ve freed up a lot of our time to focus on the actual meat of the product that needs the solution and thus provide our clients with more of what they came to us for in the first place: creative, interesting, unique, and highly usable applications. Secondly, I am a proponent of partnering with companies and people in such a way that we build relationships with each other that can benefit us both going forward. We have a great rapport with our hosting provider, Rackspace, for example that has opened up opportunities for both of us (I’d like to think so, at least) that would never have existed had we decided to do our own hosting.

We have also begun to embrace this ideology by releasing our own set of internal tools, namely X2O, to contribute back to the community in a way that we think can benefit a lot of people. By providing our infrastructure and exposing our methodology to people and organizations that we hope will partner with us, we’re giving everyone an opportunity to adopt the things that have helped us to streamline our operations and focus on the heart of the solutions that our community is hired to provide for clients.

So, cheer up people! It’s not all bad, out there — with each problem that we are forced to confront, we are given a matching opportunity to find a new solution that may help us to change our thinking in a way that works as a catalyst for something positive.