Son, I want you to have this universal power adaptor.

During this emotional holiday season, take time to reflect upon the fact that all of those digital photos stored on hard disks, dvds, etc. won’t last longer than a set of tires. Gotta get them printed. Not sad enough? Then here’s a nice reflection on the past 20 years of our culture of waste. On a personal note, it’s funny that Tim O’Reilly points out the universal adaptor as a great way to save waste … I have 7 hours of my 18 month old daughter’s life stored on a digital video camera, but lost the cable to transfer it to my computer. Alas, ordered a new one from the company (JVC, those b*astards) for $30, but of course it doesn’t work. Are we doomed to enjoy this video on the 2.5″ lcd on the camera? Sadness.