Can we actually read even less? Yes we can!

A couple of weeks ago, my paper pulp-loving fingers noted the recent ‘usability’ debauchery of the Chicago Tribune. Well, in further news, the Tribune launched a “tabloid” version of the broad-sheet (that’s old-guy speak for ‘a real-damn newspaper’) this week. Now, newsstands and those “little metal boxes on street corners where you put coins in to receive a news product” everywhere are serving this version only. They declare it to have the ‘same content’. Not sure if that means ‘all’ content though, or a more Red-Eye take on the headlines. My overly-skeptical mind tends to view it as a further slip into flip-book culture. And, who has time for a flip-book? And to the skeptics of my skepticism, no I haven’t gotten one yet (I have the broad-sheet delivered).