Don’t be Stupid. Of oysters and Madoff.

Last weekend, my wife wanted to get mussels for dinner. She’s 7 months pregnant, and it’s common knowledge that expecting mothers not consume this type of food – raw or cooked. Not on the internet though. It’s old news that whatever one wants to believe can be confirmed ten-fold on the web. Google it and ye shall find it. So, of course, she looks it up and finds plenty of evidence to “go ahead and eat it” from purported doctors and other women who survived. Well, I looked it up too, and found plenty of evidence to the contrary. Well, she ate ’em. She survived. I was the one with the bout of nausea and stomach problems (though beer likely was an accomplice).

At any rate, columnist Daniel Henninger prescribes a new years resolution for all of us. Don’t be stupid. He proclaims …

“[the] world of work and play is increasingly thoughtless. As in, thought-less. Accessing such massive amounts of variable information wouldn’t matter if workers were taking time to stop and produce useful thought about the numbers or words on their screens. Who has time to do that, or even wants to? Keep clicking.”

He goes on to mention that Bernard Madoff is the only one who actually did this homework, deceitful as it was. I propose, as punishment for him being the only one who comprehended the ‘misinformation matrix’, he be artificially impregnated and fed only beer-steamed mussels for a period of no less than, oh let’s say, the time it takes for my generation to flip the bill for the ongoing ponzi scheme on taxpayers that is the federal bailout.