I’m sorry I broke your stupid.

Not sure how many read the Chicago Tribune. It’s gotten pretty tabloid-like as of late. It’s an obvious case of trying to broaden audience in the pretty dark times print has experienced over the last several years. I’m still a paper fan though, as previously declared, so I endure.

The types of things the Trib did though to make their paper better, did nothing but isolate me, confuse me, and leave me to simply, uh, read other papers. They blended many of their pillar sections into a ‘main’ section. So, instead of me getting a section of the paper called “business”, I’d have to use a strange visual legend at the top of the page to help get me to that content. Hum. Where the f*#c is the weather report?! I resorted to looking outside. Getting back to nature is not in this paper’s best interest.

Well, interestingly enough, this week they wrapped the paper (Monday’s issue, I think) in what is essentially a gigantic apology to their readership for the usability mistakes they’ve made over the past year. It was titled “You spoke, We listened”. They claim the erroneous changes they made were the public’s idea. Maybe.

Funny enough, I actually crumbled up and disposed of the wrap-around thing upon which this ‘update/proclamation‘ was scribed (an ad format often used by modest marketers such as “Office Depot” and “Macy’s”) before I actually realized what it was.