It’s nice to apologize, nicer not to make mistakes…

I like it when companies care about their customers. It’s something that, as a customer, I appreciate so much that it let’s me put up with the occasional screw up on their part with a lot more patience than I would typically have. Take, for example, my horrible experience with my local phone company when I recently moved apartments and wanted to get DSL set up. Their totally disorganized system, horrible customer service, and no attempt to compensate me for wasted time and effort lead to me canceling and switching to the cable company for all of my typical internet browsing needs.

Anyway, the whole point of that story was how terrible customer service can hurt your business. No duh, I know. BUT, recently, Hulu kinda screwed some of their customers over and had the decency to apologize for it and remedy the situation as best they can. My only criticism is that if a company keeps this philosophy in mind at all times, then they really never have to apologize for anything since, most likely, they’ll never do anything that hurts their customers. I think it’s something that we here at WAM try to keep in mind so that we can always treat our customers the way we’d like to be treated.

I, like everyone else I’m sure, have had way too many horrible experiences with companies that didn’t seem to care at all about their customers that it is really nice to see companies, like ours I hope, that take a different path in how they value their customers.