The YOTB Bug!

Amidst the clamor and press of the incoming president, no one took the time to consider the considerable impact this event would have on the internet. We received numerous emails from our providers (phone, internet, etc.) blaming any and all service interruptions on the inauguration. We find this ironic.

Worse yet, the digital world is only now discovering the devastating YOTB bug. Much like the Y2K bug of yesteryear, it’s a systemic flaw in the world’s digital infrastructure. Unlike Y2K however, this bug is leaving a path of fatal destruction with every click. How do you know if you’re infected? Simple. PC users, in the lower right hand corner of your screen there’s a clock. Roll-over that clock, and a little bubble will pop up with the date. Does the year read 2009? You’re infected. It should read ‘YOTB’. Mac users, suspicious as it is, you’re apparently fine, but we recommend you check your local ATM.

How is this catastrophe to be remedied? Patience, we think (don’t worry, he’s on it). In the meantime, take a little yellow post-it note and write ‘YOTB’ wherever the year should be. Since post-it notes are sticky, you can put it on your screen. Also, Windows 7 is right around the corner. Maybe they’ll make hope forward compatible.