Easy on the Eyes

I had to reinstall a bunch of stuff on my box (?) recently, and though I attempted to back everything up before hand, I lost my IDE’s visual settings. It’s kind of a drag to set it all up again, so I kept putting it off.

I was finally inspired to set up my new settings when I came across a font called Anonymous. After fiddling with some of the schemes others have generously made available for lazy people like myself, I’ve come up with a combination that I’m happy with and have immediately noticed a difference in how my eyes feel after a long session of programming. My general setup is based on the Zenburn Scheme by Geraldo Medrano that I found on Jeff Atwood’s site, only with a few tweaks. I’m a big fan of dark backgrounds since my eyes get tired looking at a bright one for too long. Regardless of what color scheme works for you, though, I highly recommend you find a combination that works for you and stick with it. Chances are, you’ll find it a lot more relaxing and perhaps you’ll see an increase in your productivity because of it.