How many buttons does it take to crash a rental car?

At one point in time, someone figured it was a good idea to put the car horn ‘button’ in the steering wheel. Then cars got more features. Next up, came volume control. Then satellite radio. Cruise control was next, lobbying to get itself off the little wand on the left side.

This particular specimen goes even further (a Saturn Aura). It has two ‘new’ types of button organisms with little ‘plus’ signs on them. Puzzling. Yet more puzzling is the little message right below the speedometer dial which reads “Auto Lights Off”.

Alas, I have no solution for the ailing American auto industry. All I can say is these 12 buttons can’t be helping their safety rating, which I believe was the original intent. I also had to wait until 8:30 pm to find out what “Auto Lights Off” really meant.