Balsamiq – good tool, better support

Back in December of ’08, I purchased a license for Balsamiq, a great Air App we use to quickly sketch wireframes. Well, the install didn’t work. I tried, for the better part of a day, to put the license on my machine (Vista, Flex Builder/Eclipse, Adobe suite, etc.). Ugh. Welp, Visio and pencils again.

After googling and troubleshooting why the install wouldn’t work (both Air and the tool) I wrote Peldi (ceo, developer, support team all in one at the time) to see if he’d had any other customer issues like mine. He wrote back two minutes later. Literally. Unfortunately, no answer though.

I gave up hope. And Balsamiq (though it worked on Mustafa’s machine). Well, a few weeks ago, I was re-inspired by the tool and took another swing at it. Failure. But alas, finally some results on the install errors I was seeing in google. A solution. Finally, Balsamiq, finally. For the record, it was the Air Runtime that was causing issues, not Balsamiq.

I sent another email to Peldi to let him know about the thread/solutions I found. Again, the fella wrote back in two minutes. I don’t think there’s more than one Peldi. I think it’s Peldi, his wife, and another guy. The point? His endless pursuit to reply (some more on pinging back your adoptors) to his customers was the memory glue that made me come back and take another swing.

Good product, and even better support! Worth every penny, at last.