When ‘spooky’ describes science, is it still scientific?

I’ve always been fascinated by the mysterious and pop-science appeal of quantum physics and it’s particle ‘spin’. These little tiny photons and such will stop ‘spinning’ when you look at them and pick a state (or, I guess, pick all of them at the same time?), or even explode if you put two of ’em together and look at them (or, apparently, not explode if you don’t). How do they know you’re looking at ’em? God? Pixie dust? The subject has also always completely confused me. Well, finally, an article which puts it all in layman’s terms … but wait, maybe not so layman afterall. The only name these uebersmart dudes came up with to describe all this ‘science’ is “spooky action at a distance”. Science. Love it.