Psst! We Are Mammoth is hiring.

We Are Mammoth is looking for someone(s) special. You are special because you want to work in a bootstrap environment, helping to build good software. You are special because you know your title isn’t applying for a job. You like working in a building that looks like this.

So, what are we looking for? A project manager. What does this project manager do day-to-day for us? Excellent question.

  • Operational duties as it pertains to new and existing business. Managing and consolidating estimates and drafting them into clean and legible statements of work. Got a change order? Great, work with the developers to draft the effort and get it pushed through with the client, signatures and all. Invoicing. Fairly straight-forward, right?
  • Day to day project collaboration duties: Manage and document all internal and external project communications. You’ll work with our developers to keep a flexible and open channel of updates flowing between them and our clients.
  • Monitor project budgets and timelines. We’re informal, and need a little help here. You’ll keep tabs on our hours and our commitments. Because of the way we work, there’s a lot of discussion around what we should do to meet our agreements, and what might be worth pushing back. You are the hall monitor in these parts.

Ok, so what qualifications do you need? Yes.

  • We need you to be eager to work in an informal, non-corporate environment. We build fast and furious, but like an even-keeled approach to our client culture. We are cutting edge, but not bleeding for it.
  • You need to take good notes. And be better organized.
  • You need to have a minimum of 3 (proven) years of experience at an interactive agency or web development firm , having involved yourself specifically with software development.
  • You need to be mature. We don’t have an HR department. We’re not going to make you sit in some conference room for 2 days of corporate ethics training. We are your brothers keepers. It’s a close knit team, be ready to feel alive again.
  • Oh, yeah. Computer skills: Microsoft Project, etc. We’d also really like you to type fast, as there’s a lot to say.
  • Nice to haves? A stable character with a maverick twist. A CS and/or XP/User Experience background.

You ready to ditch the corporate noose and hop on the Mammoth wagon? Send us an email at PictureMe*at*WeAreMammoth*dot*com and prove it.