The hopeless anatomy of an unsubscribe page.

The latest app refusing to let me out of their sticky-ass email campaigns is Yammer. Is it really that hard to remove my record? Come on, please, I’ve tried to lose you three times, I’m certain of it. I have a two year old with the SQL chops to handle this. She loves computers.

And, can I see some stats on those sign up and log in links please? It’s funny how the simplest things are the easiest overlooked, and subsequently, the things which end up making a non-user into a non-fan. There, I said it Yammer, now let it go.

3 responses to “The hopeless anatomy of an unsubscribe page.

  1. Here's an idea: Before bashing on someone for supplying a less-than-ideal unsubscribe form, maybe you should fix your PLAIN TEXT PASSWORD STORAGE in DoneDone.

    Indeed, to adapt a sentence from your post: Seriously, I have a 2 year old with enough chops to handle that. And she _hates_ computers. Get with the program!

  2. Thank you, Mr. Anonymous. You are right, we should look at that. For the record, which is neither here nor there, it seems to be a not-uncommon practice (see Tick, Bcamp).

    As for bashing, let your feathers be ruffled. I merely propose that it's simple accommodations that are often overlooked when trying to satisfy a customers request. Do I mean to infer that our eggs are golden? Sir, I do not.

    I just see more of an effort to hang on to that person than to simply say "so long, farewell, and thanks". Right or wrong? You judge. Again.

    Now, as for two year olds. Let us get back to work.

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