Love in the Second City

A couple of new launches this past week we’d like to share.

The Second

The new The Second City site went online just in time for their 50th Anniversary celebration. This has been 5 months in the works and started with a complete overhaul of their site architecture, design (partnering with Brick Studios), and technology. They’ve been an awesome bunch of people to work with, and it’s been a privilege to work for such an esteemed Chicago institution.

Over the next few months, we’ll be retooling their core business components like ticketing, a slick membership component, and training center management. This will be super cool for us because it reaches beyond pure web and and gets closer to building people-centric software for a blooming business in dire need of better tools.

The Starbucks Love Project

The second site,, was the first advertising initiative We Are Mammoth has participated in for over a year. Working for production powerhouse Tool of NA, we provided the technical direction, data services, moderation tool, and site architecture for the campaign – which is in its second of three releases. On December 7th, at 8:30 EST the site will stream a live concert event direct from London which captures more than 150 countries singing “All you need is love” at the same time. Did I mention it’s live? And no, we didn’t fly to Namibia, the Phillipines, or Estonia to set up video cameras. Mammoths don’t fly.

You can also demonstrate your golden pipes by singing your own version of the song directly over your webcam. Coolest for our team here was the opportunity to support a crowd of legends: Aaron Koblin, Medios Proyectos, Carlos Ulloa, and Ricardo Cabello all led the front-end show, and we got to show ’em a little bit of X2O lovin’.