We fail to be big.

We fail to get bigger. We’ve been failing for about 2 years now. Every opportunity, dropped like a baby. We’ve tried to make the best with what we have, though. And, we’ve had nothing but time to get to know each other. We’ve spent two damn years cooking with the same ingredients and the same guys.

You see, somehow, adding people has become our last priority. Every time we’re presented with a chance to acquire souls, we’ve had the misfortune of drawing a deep breath and identifying what the real source of angst is. Sometimes its too much work. Or something we don’t know how to do. Other times its client chatter making our minds feel like an airport bar. But, someone is always there to pick up slack, or go off and figure out how to do something, or check in with a client for a few. Curse you, accountability and craftsmanship!

Because we must survive with who we have, we’ve learned to know our collective body, and listen to where it hurts. We constantly monitor our health. And the pain somehow always manages to resolve itself.

So, we again make do without that shiny-new prosthetic enhancement, and put up with being a team of collectively-aware individuals solving problems which bigger, less-organized groups wouldn’t think to agree to get a meeting together to discuss solving .