Apple vs Flash

Steve Jobs just wrote an encyclopedia of reasons why he will dictate the future of the internet on his wide-open array of products. We’ve all got opinions, but I don’t really think they matter to either Apple or Adobe at this point.

My primary fear is that we’re due for a good 5 years of a bunch of people relearning bad mistakes made by Flash developers over the last 10 years, simply because “Flash sucked.”

Missing in all this noise is the fact that Flash has driven interactivity and diversity on the web, and we’re only seeing this discussion because of Adobe’s dedication to the vision that the static-page must evolve.

In the end, I think usability is king. Whether HTML 5, Javascript, or Actionscript, let it not be the digital version of monkeys-on-crank. Let’s learn from mistakes, continue to evolve usability standards and not just technology standards, and move on (pun intended).

Craig Bryant
April, 2010