We Are Mammoth is hiring. Wanna earn some tusks?

We Are Mammoth is looking for a technical project manager to work on-site in Chicago with our programming team. You’ll fill a knowledge and communications role helping to build financial modeling tools and other data-driven web applications.

In your past life you may have been a programmer, a UX maniac, or a cult movie critic. In your current life, you want to do everything possible to help manage our quick development cycles. More important than being a budget hammer is being a good listener and an articulate team member. You are not a believer that strength lies in numbers. You are a believer that strength is in experience, revision, and team work.

What will you be doing?

Project Management

  • Managing knowledge. You are the unselfish encyclopedia of project deliverables, due dates, contacts, budgets, etc. You are the one answering questions and sounding alarms.
  • Providing excellent client services. Think of the last crappy customer service experience you had. Now, list out all of the ways it could’ve been better. You’ll work to respond quickly and accurately and display a genuine interest in resolving problems.
  • Managing timelines, budgets and overages. Our projects have a rolling start and a hard stop. Everything in between requires tact and honesty with our clients. They are our benefactors, but business is business.

Production duties

  • Internal quality assurance. You’re the knowledge keeper, so you’re the last one to test and approve software for release to our clients. You’ll perform multiple cycles of internal testing and issue resolution with the programming team.
  • Content Management. Every job we do has multiple versions of large amounts of content. Luckily, every application we build also has a content management system. In some cases, you’ll be getting content into the database. In other cases, you’ll be training clients to manage their own content.

Enjoying yourself.

  • We’ve all done the rounds at larger organizations (Razorfish, Leo Burnett, and so on) and we’re tired of exhaustion, de-motivation and the constant rotation of staff. We strive to work smarter so that we can work less. You’re working with veterans whom you can depend on, not code-cowboys who’ll be howling into the sunrise.
  • You’ll get paid well, have plenty of vacation days, great health and dental insurance, a parking space, and a really nice office.


  • You are accountable to yourself and to your team. Sometimes that means brutal honesty and revision. You have a strong stomach and a stronger head on your shoulders.
  • Computers? Its 2010, you have to know your way around a pc, the internet, and project management tools like Microsoft Project, Excel, etc.
  • 5 years of proven work experience in the industry or sufficient evidence that you’re not a ghost. You may not have been a PM in a prior life, and that’s fine. What we’re looking for is experience working [well] with other people, being a great communicator, and participating in your own future.
  • Technical expertise. We’d love to have someone with some programming experience – anything at all, be it c++ or cgi-scripting ala 1992. Even a little understanding of how code turns into a product goes a very long way here.

How to apply?

  • Send a resume and a focused explanation of why you fit the bill to let.me.in(at)wam.wpengine.com
  • No placement or staffing services, please.