Get Tusks: We need a Front-end developer (XHTML/CSS/JS)

Well, look at that. We Are Mammoth needs some help. It’s true.
A couple of us are database and backend experts (SQL, C#, .NET MVC, LINQ, to be specific). A couple of us are front-end integrators (Flex/Flash Actionscripters who can also be dangerous in .NET). We are a lean, well-oiled machine. All true.

But, we’re missing a big component. We need a true HTML/CSS/JavaScript lover who also blends into the wonderful world of .NET programming.

So, we’re hoping:

  • You love Javascript. More specifically, you love jQuery. You think jQuery selectors are God’s gift to HTML.
  • You have a compulsion for clean, skinny, simple-as-possible-but-no-simpler code.
  • You’ve solved problems like “How do we implement site-wide modal popups, make it still work with Javascript turned off, and also be SEO-friendly?”
  • You have a clear opinion on how Javascript and HTML should be written and ensure that standard is upheld.
  • You work as well individually as you do in a small, collaborative team.
  • You can take existing, HTML-Strict compliant templates and integrate them to server-side code and Javascript.
  • You can maintain an HTML code-base and CSS cleanly. When there’s a big feature addition down-the-road, you’ve got a clear-minded plan of attack on how to add it without the need for extra-strength duct tape.
  • You absolutely despise IE6, but you know the usual workarounds.
  • You spend 80% of your time on the front-end, but occasionally dip into server-side code (C#, .NET) to tweak and modify code as needed.
  • You love problem-solving. For instance, you can connect all 9 dots in this picture with just 4 straight lines, without lifting your pen:

These are great additional bonuses:

  • You have experience with Flash and Flex, and some animation skills to-boot. If javascript is the new actionscript, it’d be great if you knew all the usability pitfalls.
  • You are articulate and love to write (words not just code).
  • When you speak, people feel warm and fuzzy inside

Have ya got it? Really? Then, if you’re NOT a staffing service, please send a nice introduction of yourself along with your resume to Let.Me.In[at]wearemammoth[dot]com

This is a contract (and possibly to hire) position, and we’d prefer you be on site.