We Are Mammoth is 4 years old. This is why.

Yesterday, September 1st 2010, We Are Mammoth turned 4 years old.

Thanks. Thank you very much.

However, we’re still not driving Ferraris. We’re also not funding private sector space programs. Nor are we so culturally relevant that we’re strong-armed by governments to allow access to decrypted customer data. We are, however, in possession of something I’d attest to being harder to attain, and harder yet to keep possession of. The ability to design.

We first set out to design a better work environment for ourselves as programmers. Amongst other things, it required that we design better software to deal with ever changing client requirements. We were so proud of our process that we designed a better tool for organizing a development team.  And yes, we built several fantastic websites along the way.

It sounds simple. But lacking the true power to design is the biggest hurdle working “somewhere else”. You get lost in the echoes. Our greatest opportunities? The power to design technical harmony within our team. The modesty to design transparency with our clients & customers. It’s yielded real quality in our transactions with one another. And quality makes everyone feel good.

So what’s the next four years have in store for us?

More of the same, I’m thinking. Our mission, above all, is to continue to design. Design tools and work flows which encourage better collaboration between people. Design a straight line, not a jagged one …. it’s shorter. We’re a software and web development company, yes. But who cares what the end of the voyage brings if the only road to get there was paved with hot coals.

Long live We Are Mammoth. Long live the human.