Most clients aren’t a-holes.

Ever since I started working on the web, I’ve heard about crazy-ass, gun slinging clients who are reckless decision makers and tyrants with their dollars. I’m puzzled but happy to report that 10 years on, I still haven’t met one. Every time I’ve been exposed to their “feckless rants” they appear to be reasonable people with reasonable expectations. My conclusion is that perceptions and second hand accounts of conversations are literally the devil in the details. All the more reason for direct transparency via Basecamp and, god forbid, including the people doing the work in the discussions.

2 responses to “Most clients aren’t a-holes.

  1. There's no way dude – have you ever done a freelance project? Have you had to work with the client directly and be answerable to them? You can be an expert developer and designer, but there is nothing harder than client management.

  2. Hey Dathan – I've spanned the spectrum of different positions, and have certainly been at the receiving end of a rant or two. And to answer your question, yes, I've been the president of We Are Mammoth for 4 years running and have been 'answerable' to each and every client – be they agencies, brands/companies, or DoneDone customers. To be sure, there are relationships we've discontinued servicing for various reasons – but it's usually the case that the client has expectations which aren't in the interest of our business. For example, an ad agency (and it's producers) usually want our shop to act like a pool of freelancers rather than a coordinated team. Not healthy for us. But, doesn't imply the agency is a ship of fools.

    Interested in hearing how you organize your freelance projects btw – what prep work do you do to make sure expectations are set properly prior to your beginning the work?


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