A Fresh Coat

Back in December when we launched the refresh of our current website we realized that our blog could use some new duds as well. So I set out to not only bring our blog to a new platform, wordpress, but also incorporate a new design. We figured Valentines Day would be a perfect time to show some love.

When we initially thought about how our new design should function we started to look into our own habits as to how most interact with blogs in general realizing that most blogs these days don’t allow for one thing: the ability to easily read content. With services like Readability and Instapaper gaining popularity, we felt that attempting to present content in this manner from the get-go couldn’t be a bad thing.


We wanted to create a blog that didn’t clutter the reading experience with things like advertisements, long lists of archives, or callouts to recent comments. We wanted you to be able to clearly focus on the article you’re intending to read. We also decided that if you’re one to read via RSS, you’ll find that we are supplying you with the entire content rich post. We wanted to provide our content in a way that fit our readers preferences.

Author Pages

One feature we are adding to our new blog is the ability to view posts by a specific author. Say for example, you wanted to see what Ka Wai has recently written, our new layout makes this effortless. We have a few other tweaks we’ll be bringing to this view in the future as well.

Moving Forward

We hope that the new design allows for a better experience and maybe chimes up some good discussion. Hearing what you guys have to say about what we’re putting out there allows us to really think about things from a different perspective.

As always, you can follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our RSS feed.