A new site from the team: citizenmusician.org

When was the last time the governor of Illinois and Yo Yo Ma were at the public release of one of our sites? Last Saturday. Ok, the crowd was gathered for more than the unveiling of a website. Indeed, the site, at http://www.citizenmusician.org/, is just an embellishment to the monumental effort put on by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra to bring focus to all of the tireless work done by the world’s musicians to bring culture, education, and happiness to people everywhere with their art.

It’s a privilege working for one of the country’s more esteemed cultural institutions, and they’ve been a trusting and informed group to work with. Not the least of their skills is their inherent ability to log issues directly to DoneDone.

There’s been a lot of press for the initiative over the past week:

The tribune ran a front-page spread in the Arts & Entertainment section on Jan. 22, then followed up with another spread after last weekends concerts and kick-off at the Chicago Cultural Center.  Local radio station, WXRT, also got in on the action after Yo Yo Ma and folks were scrambling around the city playing ‘flash mob’ concerts.

The site itself was a great exercise for our team, led by Tom Stanley (on the back end) and Anthony Bruno (on the front end). We got to find out which font servers aren’t ready for prime time (begins with “mono”, ends with “e), iterate on some ‘verbose’ forms, and whip out a pretty slick moderation and content management dashboard.

All in all, a good, trusting client, a good cause, and a great opportunity to get the team off the throttle a bit.

Oh, and by all means, if you’re a musician, you just might want to get involved.