Inbox Expiration Dates

I’ll be honest, I can’t manage and remove the amount of Bacn thats in my inbox on a regular basis, so I thought how I could do something about it.

If I had to describe my current process of checking email, it would go something like this: Go to Gmail or open Apple Mail and realize I have 15+ emails. Quickly scan and read each email, reading each email in succession from oldest to newest. Respond if necessary. Close the window or application.

The problem I have been noticing is that a good number of these emails are Bacn that needlessly clog my inbox. I find the information useful and helpful initially, but I have realized that most of it loses its value over the course of a day or two. Most of these emails are from things like Twitter telling me I have a new DM or the most recent Groupon deal. So it got me thinking…

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to set an expiration date on an email?

I started to look into what Gmail offered with their filters and realized that everything they offered only happened once during the initial send to the inbox. What I am proposing would allow for a way to do the following:

In X hours after message has been received (or read), delete all messages from email address: *

My thoughts are that my inbox would stay far leaner and I wouldn’t have hundreds or thousands of pieces of Bacn. Or I guess I could also try and be less lazy and hit “Delete.”