DoneDone Public Release – 11/18/11

Another day, another flower. Or so it goes. We’ll be making a public release this evening at around 5:30 CST, and here’s a few notes on the updates.

Siri, can I delete tags in DoneDone?

Well, you dreamed it, we programmed it. You can now get rid of tags across your projects. Note that once you remove a tag, all issues and custom searches which had that tag will get updated.  Now, who’s the poor soul on your team who will click over to Project Settings, scroll down, and get rid of all those erroneous tags? Goodbye Fwance!

Delete Tags under Project Settings
Delete tags under /Project Settings

Last week’s tag updates extended to Create Issue and Edit Issue screens

In last week’s release, we added some better sorting to the tag collection in the right-hand column of the issue detail page. Well, gosh it looks good, so we went ahead and applied the same UI to the Create Issue and Edit Issue screens. Tag spree!

Wrap up of email re-styling

Last week, we released a more flexible and legible layout for all issue-related emails from DoneDone. Well, we rounded out the suite of emails this week. Now, all DoneDone emails use the same layout. That means emails like Forgot Password, DoneDone invitations, Release Builds, and so on. They’re cleaner and adapt better to the various devices we all use. They shall read it!

Invoice dates from the future

In some cases, our new billing system was inserting bad dates into invoices. If the invoices were correct, some customers would have paid $15 for using DoneDone for -1 days. This has been addressed. The space-time continuum continueth!

Oh my, that’s a lot of people

Once you get a couple of companies working on a project, the Tester and Fixer dropdowns in the Add New Issue screen start getting, well, verbose. We’re now sorting the contents of those dropdowns to help distinguish companies. Boom!

Dropdowns sorting by company
Fixer/tester dropdowns now sort by company