DoneDone Digest, the Email Killer?

It’s been a while, we hope 2012 is treating you all well thus far. Here at We Are Mammoth, we think the Mayans have it all wrong. This is a great year. Just not for email, which is gonna have a rough go of it. At least DoneDone notification emails are.

We’ve been working on a really simple feature we’re calling DoneDone Digest. It’s a live feed of the issues you’re working on across all of your projects. Each time there’s a change, a new notification drops onto the page.

DoneDone Digest, the email killer.

For those of you who hate emails, you’ll love this feature. Leave it open while you’re working, and you’ll have the same notification feedback which email provides without all the, er, email.

What about emails? You’re still going to get ’em for a couple of weeks. We want to get this feature right before we excuse everyone from emails. Once we get some feedback from you all on how you’re liking things, we’ll add in the ability to disable emails on a per project basis.

Wait for it! Waaaaiiiit for it.

We also have a little excitement here at the shop. We’re about to cross the 1000 active accounts mark. We’re modest little mice so this is a cool milestone for us.

1000 accounts. We should dust off the confetti cannon in the closet.

To mark the occasion, we’re going to release DoneDone Digest on the same day as our 1000th account is opened. It’s a big win for everyone. Kind of like the time that guy from Texas won a Toyota 4Runner on Wheel of Fortune. Only bigger and international.

Enjoy. And for those of you who can’t wait to get rid of email, please give us some feedback.