We Are Mammoth: A New Site, Some New Faces and a New Mission

For the third time in six years, we’ve released a new version of our site at www.wam.wpengine.com. We really splurged this time, packing an unprecedented 4 pages into your internet browsing experience. This release also coincides (almost) with our sixth birthday coming up in September. Six. Years. Crazy.

It’s about time we gave ourselves a once-over, and all of the credit goes to Evan Scronce, Jennifer Sisson, Eric Boyer, and Taylor Gerring who got the new site designed, built, and deployed in just a few weeks. They’re of the newer ilk here and we’re a better place because of them.

What’s with the change of direction?

Our first six years were spent honing our approach to building web apps. Our next 6 will be spent applying all that process and technology to helping companies be better communicators with more autonomous teams. From project coordination, to hiring, to compensation statements, there’s plenty of ways for companies to be better places to work at. So for us, this change is more of an evolution which has taken place over the past 3 years than a sudden shift, but you wouldn’t have known it from our website.

Did we pose for those pictures in a rented office?

We’ve got a nice looking office. It gets a lot of attention on the site, obviously, but the space itself is a manifestation of the craft, style, and mood of our shop. Yeah, there’s some straight lines and it’s acoustically-challenged at times, but there’s also desks which were hand-built right here in the west loop, some beautiful artwork, and an air of character and pertinence. It feels good to have those qualities represented. And yes, we posed for a couple and ‘just acted normal’ for others. You’ll notice Evan’s foot in one of them. That’s of the ‘posed-for’ variety.

What now?

There’s more to do. The site’s great, but it’s only a first step towards our next 6 years.

We’ve got a larger team working around the country and we’re putting extra effort into making We Are Mammoth a great place to work at, first and foremost. If you read some of the site, you’ll know that we believe a company’s got to be effective as a workplace if it’s gonna be effective in the market place. This doesn’t mean Redbull coolers at every corner and tree-house naprooms. It means everyone working here feels responsible to their team, fulfilled by their work, and looked-after by We Are Mammoth.

We’ve also got a rapidly growing consulting business. It’s awesome to know that our sites are being used by hundreds of thousands of employees around the country. It’s also a huge undertaking, one which we’re constantly trying to make more secure, efficient, and effective.

Finally, our products. DoneDone’s doing great. It’s become a project management staple in more than 70 countries. And there’s more to come. We’re building a new UI which is faster, more flexible, and will work great on mobile devices.

We’re also kicking up dust on our next product, which we’re currently calling Ceremony. As we get further down the road with the details, we’ll start sharing.


The proof, as always, is in the pudding. Not on a website. Not in a brochure. It’s the team, the spirit, the service, and the craftsmanship which distinguish a company and makes the name. Now we’ll get back to making that pudding.

For the nostalgic, here’s a look at the three versions of the site:

We Are Mammoth circa 2008
We Are Mammoth circa 2010
We Are Mammoth in 2012