Your Idea: The Hook, The Worm, and The Pivot

When you have a good idea and for whatever reason you’re brave/dumb/free enough to drop everything you’re doing and follow up on it, you’ve just bitten the hook. The idea is dangling on it like a worm. There’s a lot of words out there to describe where you’re at now. You’ve quit your job, just you and your idea. You’re an entrepreneur. Or you’re a founder. Maybe you’re just a new business owner who’s rolling the dice.

That idea is your soul’s fuel to endure the turmoil nearly every new business encounters. It’s the fodder you need when you don’t have any money. When no one listens to your story. When you’re taking odd gigs just to keep your bite on the line.

Over time, the hook starts pulling you somewhere. On the other end is an audience and a market. It’s murky for sure and you’re in the depths. They’re on the boat. But they’re there. You let them pull you. You follow. Sometimes you fight. You wonder what’s on the other side. Will you be a fish out of water?

The voyage continues. You have to change course almost perpetually. The subtle signals the audience gives you as you home in on your approach. That’s the pivot. You’re interpreting. Listening. Smelling. Hoping. Adjusting!

And the moment arrives. In slow motion. Over months, maybe years. You, your idea, your sweat, your business are being pulled from the depths. You’re going to be eaten alive, and you say to yourself, yep, that’s what I was looking for. Here’s me, my business, my soul and passion, all-you-can-eat. Dig in, folks.