Shedding Skin: The Business of Accepting Change

There’s a great article published earlier this week about the challenges Box has with storage. In a nutshell, they’re perpetually building new facilities for storage which they know will be obsolete or at capacity within months. It’s life for them. Just the way it is. The bigger they get, the more space they need. It’s not just storage for them, though. It’s delivery, sharing, security, and remaining competitive. Really core.

It made me think what a great metaphor that is for a business in general. Accepting that the current designs, while critical to operations today, may be obsolete in a year.

Change is completely natural. In work agreements, in staff, in direction, in strategy. We as a business are headed somewhere, that’s our vision and it doesn’t change much. But how we get there, which detours we take, however voluntary, are the ebbs and flows of an organization which needs change to thrive, to fail, to improve, and to succeed.

Think of your plans today as an exoskeleton. It’s a part of who you are as a business. It’ll be the blueprints of the next iteration, for sure. But, it’s just a hard shell which can, should, must be cracked open and shed once in a while to make way for fresh ideas.