High-Five: The Best Reads of the Week

This, in week 2: A thong, more working from work, the thing about product managers, Thom Yorke doing what he pleases, and how TED might just creep you out. Totally biased towards New York publications this week. Sorry.

1. Yahoo tells employees to work from work. The tech world giggles.

Last week, it was the fashion to have a remote-work policy. This week, Yahoo defies fashion and revokes all remote-working policies. I dunno what to think. But I do know what I know. Cartoonists work better from home.

Read: There’s No Place Like Work : The New Yorker

2.  A guy with Asperger syndrome buys lingerie for his wife.

Just read the article and remember, you don’t know anyone entirely. Not you, not your wife, no one. But, it still makes sense to wear a camo thong to KFC once in a while to freshen your perspective.

Read: Seduced by a Gift That Broke the Rules — Modern Love – NYTimes.com

3. How to be a regular guy. And a prolific musician who can waltz unnoticed into any restaurant on the planet.

I’ve always loved Radiohead and still can listen to their 90’s stuff without any wear and tear. In this article Thom Yorke, the singer in RH, talks about his next chapter(s) in life. There’s yoga and running. Be warned. How this guy has managed to stay so incredibly human after this many years is, in my eyes, the coolest part of the read.

Read: Thom Yorke: ‘If I can’t enjoy this now, when do I start?’

4.  Come think with us, for ever and ever and ever.

How creepy could having the smartest minds in the world perpetually evangelizing at TED become? It depends on the marketing engine behind it.

Read: Beyond televangelism: inside TED’s new gospel | The Verge

5. Are you going to be a product manager when you grow up?

Product managers are their own species. They’re not tech, but they may have been. They’re not mba’s but they think like ’em. How to catch one for your own collection?

Read: How to hire a product manager – by Ken Norton

5.1. Shooting drugs outta cannons. Like t-shirts or cannonballs. But with drugs.

Where there’s a will there’s a way. Where there’s a wall, there’s a cannon.

Read: Mexican police nab drug-launching cannon near border – CNN.com