High-Five: The Best Reads of the Week

This week, Steve Ballmer cuts down Chicago, Etsy CTO spills his guts, a man proclaims “you are boring!”, how to give away everything, and writing tips from David Ogilvy.

1. The millionaire who wanted less

Derek Sivers is kind of a folk hero in both the music business and the small business arena. He built CD Baby only to sell it and give away the proceeds. He says “the less I have, the happier I am”. This is a quick read about his experience with CD Baby, Apple, and employees.

Read: Anything you want, by Derek Sivers

2. David Ogilvy strikes again. Thirteen years after his death.

The famous ad man gives a great tip for writing: “Never use jargon words like reconceptualizedemassification,attitudinallyjudgmentally. They are hallmarks of a pretentious ass.”

Read10 Tips on Writing from David Ogilvy | Brain Pickings

3. Steve Ballmer, always the ticklish teddy bear

The CEO of Microsoft says Chicago could be a tech hub, but there’s not enough venture capital or ‘big companies’ to anchor the culture here. He then shot fireworks out of his nostrils and did a back flip. A couple of days later, Google’s Motorola arm announces a lay off of 1,200 people.

ReadChicago Tribune – Microsoft’s Ballmer: Chicago has good start on being tech hub

4. “You wear jeans during the day, and fancy jeans at night.”

A bumpy, hilarious road to some good, sound advice from Scott Simpson who recently tweeted “Vegas, then Austin. Instead of a suitcase I’m just bringing a garbage bag full of underwear and Advil.

Readyour monkey called · You Are Boring

5. How Etsy runs such a good ship: a good CTO

There is a lot of good reading out there on Etsy. Their tech blog is great, as is their mission as a company. This particular interview with their CTO, Kellan Elliott-McCrea, shares a lot of secrets and insights on their mission as an employer.

ReadPath.To : Inspiration : Kellan Elliot-McCrea