High-Five: The Best Reads of the Week

Nothing funny this week. I’m sorry, it’s all negative. Well, actually, there is something kinda funny. It’s funny how much better Finnish schools are than our own, according to an infographic in this week’s list. In other news: don’t hire your bros, don’t bog down programmers with meetings, don’t work all the time, and get all that crap off your iPhone and cheeeyall, mm-k?

Don’t hire people like you

Last thing I want is working with people like me. Except for the great hair. And the math skills, of course. This read spells out the perfect recipe for a geek-style children of the corn episode at your company.

ReadSteve’s HR Technology – Journal – More on the Danger of Hiring for ‘Fit’

Quit interrupting the people doing the work

Meetings cost developers more than the business folks. So leave ’em alone. Meetings are your job. Building stuff is theirs. From one of the great starter/founder/investors, Paul Graham.

ReadMaker’s Schedule, Manager’s Schedule

Don’t die holding a briefcase full of cash

On his deathbed, Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart, said “I blew it”. Business isn’t everything. Family, friends, and love are.

ReadDeathbed Thoughts Of A Successful Entrepreneur – OPEN Forum :: American Express OPEN Forum

There is no such thing as Finland. According to US students.

One thing that’s important to get right is schools. Hopefully better immigration policy buys the US some time to figure this out. If this infographic is any indication, though, Finland is a body-farm of cerebellums about to unleash a world of smart on, uh, the world.

Read: How Finnish schools woop the US 

“I can’t handle infinity in my pocket”

I don’t think I’m going to do this. Read how to win back part of your life by slimming down that chockfull-o-distraction pocket rocket of yours.

ReadThe distraction-free iPhone (or ‘Why I’m happier since I disabled Safari’) — Life Hacks — Medium